Curtain Wall Cladding

Curtain Wall Cladding

With More than 25years of Experienced Team we Specialist in Curtain Wall & Aluminium Cladding we have Heavy Duty Profile Approved by civil Defense and Thermal Break System.

Facade makeup for existing Old commercial Buildings using Curtain Wall System.

World- Class Aluminium Composite Panel Cladding Projects.

The features of KYDA exterior or interior curtain walls include:

  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Glazed, captured system for exterior walls
  • Combines easily with other window systems
  • Tested and long-lasting construction that blocks condensation
  • Aluminum supports for glass curtain wall, allowing more glass with fewer supporting beams
  • High performance for noise blocking and environmental control
  • An array of decorative components and mullion sizes to allow design flexibility
  • Superior moisture management system
  • Available in more than 200 colors, 2 wood-grain patterns and 22 anodized finishes

Our Curtain wall System can provide great energy efficiency and performance for your home or business. Because these walls are so adaptable, they’ve become more popular in recent years, especially with modern residential construction and renovation. For modern home design, as well as a greener home construction, curtain wall or glaze curtain wall may suit your needs.

Curtain Walls for Residential or Commercial
For exterior curtain walls or interior glaze curtain wall installations, you choose your style and configuration. Your choice dictates how your wall is constructed.

Both types of window walls can be made to suit your requirements. Whether you need glass facade or glass walls to divide your office space or to enhance the view of your new home, this highly adaptable glass system can work for you. Additional features of glass curtain walls include:

  • Anchoring sleeves and brackets constructed of lightweight aluminum
  • Heavyweight mullions
  • Flashing that’s easily installed
  • Bull nose caps or deep beauty caps
  • Applications that can be curved and slope
  • Rapid on-site construction
  • The most up-to-date installation techniques
  • High quality systems made to your builder’s exact requirements
  • Experienced workforce who meets quality standards
  • Reinforced aluminum

Curtain Walls Fabrication
Our commercial Curtain Walls are quality engineered for durability and ease of use. We can provide easy and efficient Curtain Walls fabrication and installation.

Curtain Wall Installation
We provide interior glazed systems (curtain walls) depending on your business requirements.We construct your system with interior glaze that will allow opaque panel installation into the openings from the interior of the building.This is usually specified for buildings without major internal obstructions.This allows free access to the interior of the system for repair or replacement in the distant future.

Curtain Walls Features

  • High thermal performance, glazed, captured curtain wall system
  • Sight slim design, less than 2″
  • Thermal performance depends on glazing choices from 3/16″ to 2″
  • Superior thermal performance based on thermal brake design
  • Easy integration with high performance window systems
  • Available corners & splays
  • Wide range of mullion sizes and decorative components to suit design requirements
  • Tested to latest high performance air, water, structural, thermal and noise transmission standards
  • Aluminum supports for insulating glass curtain wall units enable larger expanses of glass
  • Over 200 colors available including 22 anodized finishes + 2 wood grain patterns
  • Moisture management system
  • Proven tubular construction with shear blocks, other system components, condensation

Curtain Wall Glass Facade Systems

  • A recognized competitive edge in order to suit our client’s needs
  • High quality glass facade, glass curtains, window walls installations designed to meet builder’s construction specifications
  • The latest curtain wall installation techniques and machinery that meets or exceeds industry standards
  • A highly experienced curtain wall fabricator with a focus on quality and safety

Glass Curtain Walls Optional Features

  • Aluminum reinforcing
  • Easy to install flashing
  • Sloped and curved product applications
  • Deep beauty caps and bull nose caps
  • Deep and heavy-weight mullions
  • Aluminum brackets and anchoring sleeves